Our goal of inclusion in the ARPD Inclusive School System is to build such a community where anyone and everyone belongs. It has been proved by research that students who get educated together have a greater understanding of diversity and mutual differences. They have fewer fears about physical challenges and inclusion. An inclusive school creates a culture creating better long-term outcomes for every student.

Typically students who get educated alongside peers having developmental disabilities understand more than those who are educated in a separate environment that they’re all alike. These students will be our children’s peers, group members, and friends. These students promise the creation of inclusive communities in the future for all of our children. They will be the future parents, teachers, principals, doctors, businessmen, and women as well as lawyers who will help in building communities where everyone belongs.

Now we need to understand what inclusion is; it is a system that removes the barriers with a narrower concept of who belongs in normal society rather than just mainstreaming or integrating those students who were primarily characterized as special or seemingly different from normal.

The physical and social structures must be welcoming diversity (i.e. physical abilities, culture, gender identity, ethnicity, and class difference). Therefore it is the demand of the day to remove the barriers faced by the teachers, parents, and students in this regard. Also additional supports may be required to ensure the respect of all individuals’ rights to access the facilities and technologies permitted to normal students and inclusion.

ARPD’s President Anjum Anwar has ensured this activity by providing all these facilities as much as possible. We are teaching the street children making sure that there are no differences among the students and their learning. We hope to bring a positive change in society through our school and spread awareness among our teachers, parents, and students.

By: Ms. Samia Anjum

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